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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Simply Stunning! 2-26-12 & 2-27-12

Breathtaking... Undescribable... Perfect! That is exactly how I describe February 26th & 27th 2012. We were surprised with a late season storm that brought out the natural beauty of the Idaho Panhandle. When I think of Winter in North Idaho - you better believe this is the image I have...

Cabinet Mountains

My day was unexpected - as my Husband was the one who pulled me out of the house to go take pictures. You see, I've been batteling a bad back, and the last thing I wanted to do was go sit in a car for hours. But - I know myself, and whether I am laying on a couch, or sitting in a car - my back was going to hurt, so I might as well suck it up and enjoy the day with my husband. Thank you again, honey, for dragging me out of the house!!

Cabinet Mountains

We decided a good starting place would be Sunnyside Road. Known for being an Eagle Hot-spot, I was thinking the sunshine would have brought out the Eagles. There were a couple, but I found shooting the geese and ducks to be more rewarding! It isn't often that they are so very close to the road, which allowed me some great passenger-side shooting!

Canadian Goose and a Mallard Duck

After seeing some unidentified ducks swimming around with the geese, my husband decided to head out to the Clark Fork Driftyards to see if the pintails were in yet. Here in North Idaho we only get pintails for a brief amount of time before they continue onto their destination. Unfortunately, no ducks at all were at the Driftyards. I was able to get some great shots through a snow storm, and then off to Johnson Creek Campground. But I found the photographic opportunities along the Clark Fork River to be the best!

Clark Fork River looking over Clark Fork towards Bee Top
The best image of the day is debatable - as there were so many! I have gotten a lot of feedback on the image of the Clark Fork Breaks with Schweitzer Mountain in the background, as well as the Elk herd stirring up the snow...

 The images go on and on, and around every corner seemed to be something else that made the day just that much more amazing! Maybe it is just me, but I cannot help but LOVE it when it snows like this! And just when I think that I couldn't have been any luckier...
Panoramic shot of the old Humbird Mill Remains along the shore of lake Pend Oreille with the Cabinets in the background.
 The blue skies and alpenglow of February 27th allowed some of the most amazing reflections within the lake! It was a beautiful ending to a supurb weekend of shooting!

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