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Monday, October 24, 2011

Gold HIll Hike 9-11-11

Before I started my business, I began compiling a list of area adventures I wanted to photograph. Everything from scenic drives, barns, historic building, hikes, viewpoints, etc. I have a 17 page spreadsheet of all the places and things I want to shoot - and the Gold Hill Hike was just one of the many on my list.


I was pleased to take advantage of this hike (and viewpoint) after a friend of mine inquired about a scenic shot of Sandpoint, Idaho. I knew that my best opportunity to get the shot she wanted was from Gold Hill.

Although I had wanted to hike the entire 4+ mile hike up to the viewpoint, I had an unexpected change in plans and ended up driving up to the trailhead, and hiking down about 1/2 mile for a sunset shot. There was smoke in the air due to some area wildfires, so I wasn't sure I was going to get a good shot or not. Fortunately, the smoke enhanced the color of the sunset, offering an incredible shot!

My husband tried warning me, that if we didn't leave sooner than later, that we would be hiking out after dark. Well, my husband was right. Although the hill was nice and bright, as soon as the sun went down, and we started back into the trees - the light diminished quickly, and it was a good thing we brought a flashlight at the last minute - because we needed it.

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